Wednesday, 11 January 2012

pain.. :(

ya ALLAH..
please give me strength..
i'm not strong enough to bear it..
i'm not ready at all for losing that precious diamond..
i'm weak..physically, i'm stone-hearted..
but mentally i'm just a normal human being..
that have my own feeling..
how can i survive without my oxygen?
please.. don't grab my soul far from me..
how can i live without my oxygen? my soul?
oh God, please bless my prayer..
only to ALLAH that i can depends all my hope..
the assumption that i got was too hard for me..
ya ALLAH, please help me..
i'm stress, pain and having my headache right now..
too much things that i'm thinking now..
why do you torture myself like this?
dear ALLAH, only you that can help me right now..
give me strength and some ice to cold my heart..

#hoping for another beginning of life right now! :( #

is hearing 'zikir penenang hati' to get extra strength..
hopefully i will be as calm as before.. :(

this 'zikir' make us realize the mighty of ALLAH.. 
thanks ya ALLAH for giving me a chance to live as a normal human being in such this world..